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“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James No me voy a gastar en hacer una review sobre esta verdadera porquería, una vergüenza absoluta, machista, misógina, que legitima la violencia de un hombre y la dibuja como parte de una práctica sexual válida, que nada tiene que ver con lo que el libro muestra. El BDSM se constituye como un acuerdo entre dos adultos que deciden asumir roles para su placer. Acá hablamos de un hombre que usa su fuerza física con una mujer -sin ningún amor propio ni conciencia de nada- para resolver los abusos que sufrió de chico. Es sobre todo un libro peligroso.
Pero me quedo con el cierre de la excelente reseña de Katrina Passick Lumsden

"It's this kind of ignorant trash that sets feminism back decades. Women who defend this book are, however unwittingly, participating in some of the most blatant misogyny I've ever witnessed, giving the impression that some women enjoy being debased, abused, and controlled (outside of a consensual Dom/sub relationship). This is not a book about BDSM, this is a book about one sick, abusive man and his obsession with a young, naive invertebrate. It's a book about a girl who has absolutely no sense of self, who sacrifices any pretense of individuality in order to hold onto a man who doesn't even show her the faintest glimmer of respect. It's about two attention-starved individuals with the emotional maturity of toilet paper convincing themselves that their relationship is 'like, the best thing ever, OMG'. It's trite, insulting, and dangerous. I fear for any impressionable young women who read this and think that this is how an ideal relationship should operate. If nothing else, it should be issued as a guidebook to mothers around the world to show their daughters the kind of man to avoid at all costs. This book does good men (and indeed, all of humanity) a disservice."